Roaring success - The lion in the MAN logo.

The MAN Truck & Bus product logo signifies strength and has a long tradition. The origin of and changes in the MAN lion are part of MAN´s eventful corporate history.

New MAN vehicle with the product logo

As strong as a lion – this is the hallmark of vehicles produced by MAN Truck & Bus. The three initials and the lion are inseparable elements of the world-famous product logo appearing on MAN trucks and buses. Since 2012, the lion has held a special place of honour on new trucks and buses on the chrome trim adorning the radiator grille.

The lion has belonged to MAN for well over forty years, but its origins date back much further:

This is what the current logo looks like. Since the IAA 2016, the lion is set against a black background on the chrome trim of every MAN vehicle.

New MAN vehicles

On every bus and truck from MAN Truck & Bus, the lion is positioned above the initials ‘MAN’ and emanates strength and dynamism. Up until the relaunch of the logo at the IAA 2016, the lion was set against an all-chrome background.

The new MAN lion

To mark the introduction of the new TG vehicle generation with Euro 6 engines, the lion was first uncoupled from MAN's verbal logo in 2012, while taking on a more dynamic silhoette. As a classy embossment on the upper chrome trim of the radiator grille, it communicates emotional appeal and premium quality.

Lion in the MAN logo 1971

50 years later, in 1971, MAN acquired the Büssing company. Holding much esteem for the accomplishments, inventions and achievements of company founder Heinrich Büssing, MAN adopted the lion as an icon for its radiator grilles.

Büssing emblem 1921

The lion was adopted as an integral part of the Büssing company emblem and took on its stylised form in 1921.

Büssing advertisement

In 1909, Büssing AG produced the first six-cylinder engine, this being followed by Germany´s first three-axle truck and the world´s first three-axle omnibus. Here you can see a Büssing advertisement dating from the year 1915.

Heinrich Büssing

Heinrich Büssing founded the company "Heinrich Büssing Spezialfabrik für Motorlastwagen und Omnibusse“ (Special Manufacturer of Motor Trucks and Omnibuses) at the age of sixty. He was not only an entrepreneur, but also an inventor, having filed applications for some 250 patents, mainly in the field of railway signaling systems, but also for truck and bus designs.

Büssing lion 1913

The animal appearing on Henry the Lion´s coat of arms was first used for advertising purposes in 1913 by the vehicle manufacturer Büssing, based in Braunschweig. In the original version, the lion was actually looking to the left. Just under sixty years later, MAN was to acquire the company and integrate the lion into its logo.

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