Masterful driver training

Before the Africa Cup, MAN ProfiDrive® trained 32 bus drivers to ensure that participating teams are safely transported in 16 Lion’s Coach vehicles throughout the tournament.

The Africa Cup is a major football event on the African continent. Every two years, 16 teams compete to claim the much coveted prize cup. This year, Germany also stepped up to the plate: 16 MAN Lion’s coach models carried the teams from Gabon, Algeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Morocco, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Togo, DR Congo, the Ivory Coast, Uganda and Burkina Faso to the matches played throughout Gabon, the host country. The fact that MAN supplied the team buses as an acting logistics partner was made possible by the close and successful cooperation between SODIM TP (the MAN importer in Gabon) and the MAN Centre importer NWC Africa. The luxuriously equipped buses were operated by 32 drivers. To prepare them for their task of safely transporting the players to the stadiums and back ahead of time, the drivers were extensively instructed by the MAN ProfiDrive® trainers Jimmy El-Khoury and Denis Rigot for five days.

Group picture of African drivers, MAN ProfiDrive trainers and the Head of the Bus Center importer NWC Africa

Thrilled participation

On the first day, the MAN ProfiDrive® trainers instruct nine drivers in handling numerous assistance systems, such as the electronic braking system EBS, the electronic stability programme ESP, Tempomat, as well as the installation of fire and smoke alarms within the engine compartment.

Group snapshot in front of MAN Lion’s Coach

Strong team for top players

The 12-metre-long buses carry individual team signage and feature green-tinted and double-paned windows, which offer players more privacy in the buses. Here drivers and trainers pose in front of the bus serving “Les Panthères”, Gabon’s national team.

Driver in the cockpit of an MAN Lion’s Coach

Practice in real-life situations

During training sessions in real traffic conditions, drivers always stayed on top of things in the functional cockpit with its clearly defined displays and intuitively arranged operator controls.

MAN Lion’s Coach at the edge of the rain forest

Flexible and environmentally friendly

Due to climate and road conditions, the team buses made by MAN face special challenges during their deployment in Gabon. Here, the installed TipMatic transmission supports drivers in demanding traffic conditions. In addition, it lowers fuel consumption and, together with the 400 hp-strong diesel engines with Euro 4 emission standard, is easy on the environment.

MAN Lion’s Coach in front of Omar Bongo stadium

Highest level of comfort

Shortly before the Africa Cup commences, the first Lion’s Coach is standing ready at Omar Bongo stadium in Libreville. To ensure that players arrive as relaxed as possible and deliver top performance on the field, each team bus is equipped with tropical air conditioning, DVD player displays and LCD displays, a kitchen, a WC, and two refrigerators.

Drivers posing in front of MAN team buses

Ready for top performance

After mastering the MAN ProfiDrive® training, drivers eagerly participate the start of the tournament. Aside from learning some theoretical content, they have primarily conducted practical exercises and are now just as well prepared as the teams they will be rooting for.

Images © Sonier issembe

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