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Making a spectacular appearance before the league begins? We are your MAN.

The new FC Bayern Munich team bus appears out of nowhere on the empty stage in front of the Allianz Arena. A spectacular show for the new MAN Lion’s Coach L Supreme.

New FC Bayern Munich team bus in front of the Allianz Arena

Some 300 invited guests, including FC Bayern Sports Director Matthias Sammer and Bayern legend Paul Breitner, are eagerly looking at the stage. Because during a spectacular show on the Allianz Arena esplanade, illusionist Julius Frack is making the new team coach appear on the empty stage. Suddenly the new mobile FC Bayern Munich team quartes are standing in front of the guests – like coming from nowhere. And additionally a player exits the bus: Double winner Thiago Alcantara. A spectacular show by MAN and FC Bayern Munich even before the first game of the Bundesliga season.

Impressions of the bus presentation

Illustionist Julius Frack is making the new team coach appear on the empty stage
Spectacular show in front of the red Allianz Arena
There is the new FC Bayern Munich team bus!
Thiago Alcantara exits the new team bus
Bernd Mayerhofer hands over the bus key to the bus drivers of FC Bayern Munich
Bernd Mayerhofer, Thiago Alcantara, the FC Bayern Munich  bus drivers and two MAN-employees from Turkey in front of the bus
Allianz Arena

Everything a footballer’s heart desires

Everybody on site was immediately impressed by the new team bus. "FC Bayern Munich´s team bus offers the latest technology. Apart from its technical qualities, its modern design and wide range of special fittings are particularly impressive," said Bernd Maierhofer, Executive Board Member at MAN Truck & Bus AG responsible for Research and Development. "The bus is an important place for the team and we´re delighted to be starting off the season with this new vehicle. We hope, of course, to be using it to travel the longest possible distances across Europe," commented Matthias Sammer, describing the role to be played by the team bus. "There´s no comparison with earlier models. This new bus has everything that a footballer´s heart desires and also needs. FC Bayern has lots of English weeks in front of it, so regenerating in the bus is very important," added FC Bayern legend Paul Breitner.

High quality from Turkey

The truck has been built at the MAN production site in Ankara. At the bus presentation two employees from the production proudly talked about the bus production, which was also filmed. This particular job was really special for both of them: They are both fans of FC Bayern Munich.

Thanks to an automated 12-gear transmission, the MAN Lion’s Coach L Supreme can generate up to 480 hp. The interior fittings likewise leave nothing to be desired. Here again, FC Bayern Munich´s new team coach offers the latest technology, such as a Velimo full-service entertainment system from Lufthansa Systems, or a 360-degree external camera system from Continental, in addition to the built-in electric table tops and leg rests, as well as 19-inch LCD screens. And if they want to know how their competitors have played, the FC Bayern team can simply switch on the televisions via a satellite receiver and watch Sky. A Wi-Fi router and a professional sound system round off the comfortable environment. Safe journeys to the games, FC Bayern Munich!

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