The professional footballers of FC Bayern Munich travel with MAN. A MAN Lion’s Coach converted for the renowned club at the MAN Bus Modification Center in Plauen takes the footballers to their matches.

The MAN team bus of FC Bayern Munich in front of the Allianz Arena.
FC Bayern Munich

FC Bayern Munich

Vehicle: MAN Lion's Coach
Intended use: Team bus
Completion: October 2018

A strong companion: Since November 2018, a MAN Lion’s Coach L has been taking the football aces of FC Bayern to their games – with 500 hp and powerful technology. The premium bus from the MAN Bus Modification Center in Plauen is in the champions league of modifiable buses.

The personalised design and exquisite special equipment of FCB's Lion’s Coach reflects the individual needs of the players and the unique identity of a top-notch team. The unmistakable FCB emblem adorns the rear end in the area of the red-painted exterior, and the design is repeated on each seat as the signature element that ties it all together.

Player comfort is ensured in ergonomic leather seats with flexible headrests. Four height-adjustable, opposite facing comfort seats provide privacy for team meetings and private conversations.

Also part of the extensive equipment is the kitchen in the rear area: The team is always well fed on board thanks to the microwave, steam oven, three refrigerators, sink and plenty of space for preparation.

Driver's assistance systems such as six cameras for monitoring the surroundings, the emergency brake assistant, lane guard system, the electronic stability program ESP, the rain-light sensor, the MAN AttentionGuard and the adaptive cruise control ensure excellent driving performance.

And when it comes to driving dynamics, the Lion’s Coach is just about as record-setting as its passengers: the automated 12-speed gearbox MAN TipMatic with integrated retarder ensures a smooth and quiet ride. MAN Easy Start ensures an easy start on inclines.

For top level entertainment and in anticipation of many occasions to celebrate, the MAN developers implemented satellite TV, media servers, five monitors, a sound system with additional loudspeakers, subwoofers and HDMI connection as well as premium Wi-Fi with LTE reception and USB sockets for stable connection.

Ergonomic leather seats with flexible headrests featuring the Bayern emblem. The on-board kitchen in the rear area of the FC Bayern team bus. FCB logo beamer on the front and rear bus door.