Party on wheels: The exclusive disco bus

The MAN Bus Modification Center converted a MAN Lion’s City GL into a driving VIP club. The bus offers space for up to 50 people to dance, drink and celebrate.

MAN Lion’s City disco bus

Sales-Lentz Group, bus and travel company, Luxembourg

Vehicle: MAN Lion's City
Intended use: Party bus
Completion: March 2018

It’s big moment is at night: The MAN Bus Modification Center has converted a city bus into an exclusive disco lounge for a Luxembourg-based bus and travel company. Nothing was left to chance: The front of the bus features a stylish bar. The counter with swivel door, three refrigerators and a beer dispenser including a keg cooler ensure that the guests are always served perfectly chilled drinks.

The DJ console is also located here, from where the high-end sound system with built-in speakers, subwoofers and removable outdoor speakers is controlled. The party guests can dance to the DJ’s tunes on the spacious dance floor in the centre of the bus.


Watt speaker




Meter articulated bus

Relaxation is offered by the cosy lounge in the rear of the bus or one of the many sitting areas. The bus also features magnetic glass holders, so that drinks can be safely put down when the bus is moving. A particularly striking design feature are the handrails which elaborately branch out towards the top. The former city bus also features a bathroom with high-end fittings.

And in terms of lighting, the designers and developers made sure to integrate custom-made and unique solutions: The exclusive concept with LED pixel strip technology and circumferential LED lights in the lounge is mesmerizing. Ceiling-mounted lights add even more of a club vibe. The elements can be individually controlled for an impressive light show that moves to the rhythm of the music.

The lounge and bar in the MAN Lion’s City disco bus

The sound system with five 700-watt loudspeakers was specially developed for the bus and adapted to the vehicle’s characteristics by acousticians. In the rear of the MAN Lion’s City GL are two 5 kW charging inverters that supply power to the light and sound system, a WLAN router, two lithium-ion batteries and a battery management system.

A special highlight in the bus is the fisheye camera with social media monitor. Guests can use it to take pictures and then immediately share them on their social media channels, such as Instagram and Facebook.

The dance floor in the MAN Lion’s City disco bus with LED pixel strip technology

The 45-foot articulated bus can accommodate about 45 passengers. The MAN Lion’s City GL was commissioned by the Sales-Lentz Group based in Luxembourg, who will be using this extraordinary vehicle for business and private events and parties.

When the bus is used as a stationary event location, the awnings can be electrically extended in order to incorporate the outside area.