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New in town: the next generation of the MAN Lion’s city has arrived!

Transport services in Regensburg are currently putting the brand-new MAN city bus through its paces. Bus drivers are absolutely delighted, even though they were a little apprehensive at the beginning. Why? Find out for yourself!

In this special edition, we will be taking a look into the future of mobility and passenger transport. Because even now, the major trends in the development of inner-city and inter-city bus transport can already be seen today. Amongst other things, we spoke to MAN product strategists about the important things to consider when developing a future-proof bus.

Once again, this issue offers insightful and entertaining features reflecting the identity and dedication of MAN: products and services that not only focus on the needs of customers and the market, but also encapsulate quality, reliability and economic operations.

Additional features in the bus and coach edition 1/2018:

  • Running on power: the electric bus is on its way. To ensure a smooth launch, MAN engineers are working on a battery with sufficient power.
  • Over hill and dale: the new MAN Lion’s coach was introduced at the Busworld trade fair in autumn before being sent on a test journey to Mallorca.
  • Just like in real life: before new bus models are actually built, MAN inventors first construct the prototypes in an entirely virtual environment. This saves costs and opens up a whole world of new opportunities.

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