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The FC Augsburg team bus.

FC Augsburg

Puppenkiste for FC Augsburg

MAN has been an official sponsor of FC Augsburg since 2015. The focus of this commitment is the MAN Lion’s Coach L from the fleet of Ludwig Tours, which serves as the club's team bus.

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Moving comfortably through the season

The new team bus is a trusty companion on FC Augsburg's trips around Germany and Europe, and impresses with numerous special features such as electronically adjustable seats and leg rests, Wi-Fi access, and an LED “starry-sky” ceiling. Trainees at MAN installed a handmade pine cone, as seen in Augsburg's coat of arms, into the back step as a lucky charm. A personal highlight for MAN: The new bus is the first Bundesliga bus from the Bus Modification Center in Plauen.

Marine engines and Puppenkiste

The bus was handed over at MAN Diesel & Turbo’s Augsburg site. Part of the action: The team of Bundesliga pros and 150 MAN employees with quite a few FCA fans among them. The MAN Lion’s Coach L emerged from behind an 11,000 horsepower marine engine. The name the fans had chosen for the Augsburg team bus was also revealed during the presentation: Puppenkiste.

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