Bus Forum

Cityliner and Lions Coach buses]

The Bus Forum not only serves as a Customer Center, it also houses a brand exhibition covering the history, present day and future of MAN and NEOPLAN. Experience our two strong bus brands under one roof at the Munich plant and enjoy unique insights.

MAN – experience efficiency

Our Brand World provides you with a comprehensive overview of our products, services and current partnerships. Find out what it means to make efficient solutions and ultimate demands on comfort & technology come true, and the effects they have on entrepreneurial success

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of MAN Truck & Bus and experience our vehicles as the main actor in our 180° cinema. In addition to our MAN Brand Film, different interactive terminals guarantee a first hand product experience on the subjects of product enthusiasm, efficiency as well as customer proximity.


The efficiency of our vehicles is changeless. Use an interactive exhibit to learn at first hand about the details of every phase the operating time of a bus. Explicit to each phase, MAN provides the suitable solution that becomes experienceable on the monitor for you as the customer.

Of course, we also offer you here a comprehensive overview of our wide range of products and services.

Customer proximity

Our vehicles are tailored to the success of your business. Please get on board and save - in our Brand World you yourself have the unique opportunity of steering the latest generation of the MAN Lion's City Hybrid into an efficient future. During the journey details of our hybrid technology will be explained to you. Additionally, you will also find exhibits of the current MAN engine technology in our Brand World.

Product enthusiasm

Enthusiasm for our products is not only reflected in internationally growing success, but also in the various awards and other distinctions regularly bestowed on our products and services. Both are waiting for you in our changing exhibitions – the awards as well as current and historic vehicle exhibits.

Our products are used worldwide and achieve success after success. Accompany us on an imaginary journey around the world and prepare to be surprised about the number of countries, cities and lines in which the world population is travelling in our vehicles.

NEOPLAN – the world of VIP Class coaches

NEOPLAN combines tradition and progress with a passion for automobiles: The history of the NEOPLAN brand tells of a distinctive entrepreneurial spirit in conjunction with dedication to technical innovation and developments that are pioneering for the whole sector.

Where does the brand come from? What does it stand for today? Where is the journey going? The answers to these questions are still crucial for customers, companies and employees. Awareness of the NEOPLAN history and values are the guidelines for the sustainable path to the future: from a small body builder to one of the most valuable bus brands worldwide under the group umbrella of MAN Truck & Bus AG.

NEOPLAN stood then, as it does today, for customer-oriented thinking, future-oriented design and innovative technology – exactly the modules of the traditional NEOPLAN Spirit. Experience the entire world of NEOPLAN VIP Class coaches in the Bus Forum.

Neoplan history

NEOPLAN – eventful history, moving stories

From the body builder to the omnibus manufacturer and to the brand with world fame – NEOPLAN has followed and eventful and moving development since 1935. In 1953 the first omnibus with suspension called NEOPLAN was the starting point for a history of success characterised by outstanding bus design, flexible customer proximity, high quality, innovative technology and a compelling model programme.

Neoplan Bus

NEOPLAN – bus design, that fascinates

What stands out in the fascination of a NEOPLAN? The first answer heard by whoever asks this question to bus friends in nine of ten cases is: "the design!" And there is a good reason for that, because in addition to innovative technology and ultimate comfort, NEOPLAN has always placed great importance on a modern design and high quality, functional construction: The legendary "Hamburg model" with its elegant styling had as great a style-forming impact from 1961 as a Skyliner or Cityliner clad with stainless steel in the 1970s or the modern sharp cut design of the new vehicle generation since 2004.

Neoplan interior

NEOPLAN – the leader in innovative technologies

Innovation from tradition – this is what NEOPLAN stands for: for decades NEOPLAN has been setting standards in the development of future-oriented technologies. Ultimate economy for our customers, maximum safety and sophisticated design solutions for drivers and passengers are our guidelines for continuous optimisation of our vehicles and the guarantor for the NEOPLAN technology leadership.

Neoplan customers

NEOPLAN – as individual as our customers

For many of our customers, the NEOPLAN brand simply stands for the most beautiful buses in the world: Future-oriented design meets innovative technology – and the focus is always on people. Fulfilment of individual customer requests for equipment features and exclusiveness in implementation is as equally natural for our employees and engineers as is the pushing forward of pioneering innovations. What is decisive, is what brings our customers further: attractive, comfortable and economic vehicles that fulfil every wish.