Lion's Intercity

The perfect solution for intercity travel.

Comfortable for the passengers, ergonomic for the driver and highly functional for the entrepreneur. The MAN Lion's Intercity is the perfect solution for the intercity traffic with proven high quality from MAN.

Setting new standards.

Shaped for everyday life

Pragmatic, elegant, aerodynamic.

With its distinctive aerodynamic design or with the bright and lavish passenger compartment with continuous colour scheme - the MAN Lion's Intercity is convincing in its broad range of applications all along the line.

Shaped for everyday life

Pragmatic, elegant, aerodynamic.

MAN Lion's Intercity interior


MAN Lion's Intercity interior

Bright, spacious cabin with comfortable aisle width


The interior equipped with large windows and glass skylights provides a bright and friendly atmosphere with its continuous colour concept.

MAN Lion's Intercity wheelchair lift

Flexible, application-specific

MAN Lion's Intercity wheelchair lift

Wheelchair lift

Travel companion seat

Scissors-type tilting seat at door 2

Flexible, application-specific

The modular system enables the optimal configuration of the vehicle depending on application characteristics. The MAN Lion's Intercity can easily be completely arranged with seating or equipped with removable pedestal. The interchangeable pedestal offers space for two wheelchairs, standing passengers or a pram as needed.


MAN Lion's Intercity interior

The comfortable seating position ensures excellent comfort even on long journeys

MAN Lion's Intercity heating

Under-seat heater blower

MAN Lion's Intercity heating

Convector heater


Comfortable and functional in regular service or light tourist travel - the MAN Lion's Intercity assures:

  • Low noise level due to high-quality workmanship, optimal sound insulation and silent running technology components
  • Comfortable and durable seats with individual décor
  • Uniform temperature distribution in the passenger compartment with convector heater separately adjustable for driver and passengers or blower heater under the seats
  • Bright, friendly interior with spacious windows and 2 glass skylights (emergency exit) and interior lighting that can be controlled separately
MAN Lion's Intercity driver's workplace

Driver's workplace

MAN Lion's Intercity driver's workplace

Functional workstation with many compartments and boxes in the side operating element

MAN Lion's Intercity storage compartments

Numerous storage and stowage compartments

Driver's workplace

The driver's workplace newly developed for use in regular or light tourist travel in the MAN Lion's Intercity is characterised by easy operation, spacious interior and extensive special equipment:

  • Numerous storage and stowage compartments
  • Ergonomic driver seat with many adjustment options and seat heating
  • Infotainment system Multi Media Coach (MMC) with navigation
  • Multi-function steering wheel

The MAN Lion‘s Intercity in use

Safe, flexible and economical.

Intercity transport

Abundant equipment set at extremely lean costs. The new MAN Lion's Intercity combines superb comfort with high functionality and outstanding safety with solid quality. These features make the MAN bus the perfect intercity vehicle.

School bus transport

Highest efficiency, rugged processing and no compromises when it comes to safety - these features distinguish the new MAN Lion's Intercity. A combination that works great when used as a school bus.

Shuttle bus

Its high flexibility in interior configuration, the large boot and the low fuel consumption and not least the low life cycle costs (LCC) make the new MAN Lion's Intercity an economic miracle for regular service and shuttle service.

MAN Lion’s Intercity: The Star in Saving

Efficient due to low TCO / LCC (Total Cost of Ownership / Life Cycle Costs).

  • MAN weight symbol

    Weight saving

    In the design of the vehicle, a consequent lightweight construction was applied. The use of lightweight components ensures a particularly low vehicle weight for the MAN Lion's Intercity.

    MAN Lion's Intercity aluminium wheels
    - 96 kg

    Mounting of six tyres (rear axle with twin tyres) on aluminium rims

    MAN Lion's Intercity air-conditioning system
    - 66 kg

    Lightweight and particularly efficient air-conditioning system

    MAN Lion's Intercity D08 engine series
    - 450 kg

    Use of lightweight 6-cylinder engine of the D08 model series

  • MAN consumption symbol

    Fuel Saving

    Features such as automatic engine shut-down during idling or air compressor with automatic idling system ensure high efficiency.

    Two-stage air compressor with idling system

    The two-stage air compressor with automatic idling system (SLS) automatically switches in the non-delivery phase to the idling and thus contributes noticeably to a reduction in fuel consumption.

    Idle Shut Down

    The automatic engine shut-down avoids CO2 emissions and vehicle-related noise emissions.

    MAN Lion's Intercity fuel saving

    Idle Shut Down

  • MAN aerodynamic drag symbol

    Reduction of air resistance

    The air resistance plays only a minor role at low speeds in city traffic. However, in long-distance travel at speeds up to 100 km/h, it contributes to a large portion of the fuel consumption. Through numerous wind tunnel tests and simulations, it has been possible to significantly reduce consumption - for maximum efficiency and economy in use as long-distance bus.

    The aerodynamically developed design with vaulted, slightly inclined panoramic front window provides less contact area to the headwind. The air flow is optimally deflected by the rear separation edge.

    MAN Lion's Intercity aerodynamics

    Optimised aerodynamics through arched, slightly inclined panoramic front window and rear separation edge

  • MAN maintenance and repair symbol

    Maintenance- and repair-friendliness

    The free access to all service points simplifies servicing and repair work. Thus the downtime of MAN Lion's Intercity is reduced, while repair and workshop costs are reduced:

    • Daily checks can be carried out by the service points that can be found quickly with a few simple steps
    • The compact design of the D08 engine, spaciously dimensioned side flaps and an angled bottom lid enable an optimum access to the engine compartment
    • Easy access to the spare wheel and the front lighting through the large and wide-opening centre section of the front hood
    MAN Lion's Intercity maintenance flaps

    Maintenance hatches in the passenger compartment

  • MAN quality proven components symbol

    MAN quality and proven components

    Highest quality standards for materials, manufacturing and processing ensure minimum life cycle costs (LCC) for the MAN Lion's Intercity:

    • Extremely robust plastics with a pleasant touch
    • Easy-to-clean and resistant surfaces with high UV resistance
    • Robust construction and compounds that reliably withstand high and frequent loads
    • Optimum protection against corrosion by cathodic dip coating (CDC)
    MAN Lion's Intercity interior compartments

    High manufacturing quality at the MAN Lion's Intercity

    MAN Lion's Intercity scissors-type fold-away seat mechanism

    Sturdy construction: Mechanical tilt seat

With the MAN Lion Intercity, always a safe journey to the destination

The protection of the passengers and the driver and other road users is crucial. Safety is a top priority for the MAN Lion's Intercity.
In addition, accidents always cause costs due to repairs and downtimes. The extensive safety systems of the MAN Lion's Intercity reduce the risk of accidents and thereby increase efficiency in passenger transport.

Daytime running lights

Daytime running lights

Vehicles with activated daytime running lights are perceived more quickly by road users. This provides greater road safety.

Emergency brake / Emergency brake flashing

Emergency brake / Emergency brake flashing

Very heavy braking at a speed of over 50 km/h (emergency brake) automatically activates the hazard warning lights, the flashing frequency is increased (emergency brake flashing).

Reversing camera

Reversing camera

Is there any person behind the vehicle? What is the distance to an obstacle out of field of vision? The reversing camera provides improved visibility when reversing, thus reducing the risk of accidents.

Multi-functional steering wheel

Multi-functional steering wheel

Fast reading and convenient operation of all functions - without having to take your hands off the wheel. The multi-functional steering wheel represents a considerable increase in driving safety.

Heatable exterior mirrors

Heatable exterior mirrors

Heatable exterior mirrors provide a clear view even in freezing temperatures.

Fire alarm system in the engine compartment and boot

Fire alarm system in the engine compartment and boot

The fire alarm system monitors the engine compartment and boot with thermal sensors. In case of exceeding the maximum temperature, the driver shall receive quick and direct information via the central display.

Fog Lights

Fog Lights

Extra safety in poor visibility: the extra fog lights in MAN Lion's Intercity.

TPM - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

TPM – Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Tyre Pressure Monitoring provides the driver with a system that permanently monitors the tyre pressure of the vehicle also during the journey and issues a warning when the pressure drops below a minimum pressure.

Surveillance camera for door 2

Surveillance camera for door 2

A camera is installed on door 2 for the door area monitoring. The camera is active in the period between the opening and closing of doors.

External acoustic signal when reverse gear is engaged

External acoustic signal when reverse gear is engaged

When the driver engages reverse gear, the external acoustic signal is activated automatically. People in proximity to the bus can be prepared for the backward movement of the vehicle.

MAN Lion's Intercity ECE R66.02

The first of its class with
ECE R66.02

The MAN Lion‘s Intercity fulfills highest safety requirements. Passengers are well protected in case of emergency.

Now already meets the safety standard ECE R66.02 More info

Info on ECE R66.02 standard

The MAN Lion's Intercity already meets the standard R66.02 prescribed for 2017.

Difference between the currently applicable standard ECE R66 and the upcoming standard ECE R66.02:


  • Test weight for the roll-over test corresponds only to the unladen weight1 of the bus.

ECE R66.02

Test weight comprises:

  • Unladen vehicle weight
  • 50% of the weight of all occupants secured by restraint systems

In case of a roll-over, the structure must be able to absorb significantly more energy, so that the survival space for the occupants remains maintained.

1 Ready-for-use vehicle including 75 kg driver, 90% filled fuel tank, coolant and lubricant, tools and spare wheel

Just in case...

The MAN Lion's Intercity already meets the ECE R66.02 valid from 2017, which regulates the strength of the assembly in buses and the requirements of the roll-over test.

In the entirely re-designed vehicle frame made of high-strength steels, several ring frames are integrated. These provide the necessary stability of the structure and contribute significantly to the fact that the MAN Lion's Intercity can optimally absorb the crash energy in case of a vehicle roll-over.