MAN Lion’s Coach

MAN Lion’s Coach – we package up efficiency for you

Reduced fuel consumption. Less wear. Increased efficiency.

The EfficientLine package is MAN’s combination of an optimally tuned driveline with additional fuel-efficient features. All of the components have been put together with the aim of guaranteeing maximum efficiency. This means that fuel consumption is reduced by some considerable margin, whilst wear is minimised and your overall operating costs are kept as low as possible.

The EfficientLine package includes:

Efficient driveline

  • TipMatic® gearbox with smart start-up and gear-shifting strategies, which lowers the fuel consumption and significantly improves driving comfort and safety

  • EfficientCruise® GPS-controlled cruise control and EfficientRoll® gearbox function, which also works ahead to control the vehicle intelligently when rolling via a GPS connection, for increased efficiency and comfort when driving

  • Long axle ratio of i = 2.73, which results in reduced consumption and wear as well as less noise

Efficient features

  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) for avoiding unnecessary acceleration and braking

  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPM) to prevent vehicles from being driven with the incorrect tyre pressure

  • Full light-emitting diode headlights, which are energy-saving and durable

  • Alloy wheel rims, which help reduce the weight of the vehicle

  • Anti-theft alarm system