MAN Lion's City Hybrid

MAN Lion's City Hybrid

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  • Economic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fuel saving
  • Quiet


Sustainable in the future

The MAN Lion's City Hybrid is the optimum solution for urban scheduled bus services of the future. Because its innovative hybrid drive concept combines sustainable driving with ultimate economy.

Maximum transport efficiency is achieved with minimum emissions. The MAN hybrid bus consumes up to 30 percent less fuel and therefore saves up to 10,000 litres of diesel fuel per year — a result also reflected in CO2 emissions: the MAN Lion's City Hybrid pollutes the environment by up to 26 tons CO2 less per year than comparable city buses with conventional motorisation. The modern hybrid drive not only protects the environment and wallet, through its reduced noise and exhaust emissions at bus stops it also improves the quality of life in inner cities.

MAN Lion's City Hybrid Entrances


Low stepless entrances (height 320 mm) guarantee convenient boarding.

MAN Lion's City Hybrid Ultracapacitor storage system

Ultracapacitor storage system

The 12 modules each with 24 cells achieve a maximum charge/discharge capacity of 200 kW. The energy content is approximately 0.4 kWh.

Your benefits at a glance


Public transport in the city is characterised by constant driving off and braking. This driving style not only costs time, but above all lots of energy; energy that can be utilised with brake energy regeneration (energy recovery). Because every time the brakes are applied, energy is released that remains unused in conventional drives. The innovative drive technology stores the brake energy obtained through energy recovery in high-power capacitors housed below the aerodynamic roof cover of the bus. This stored energy is in turn used to drive the electric motor, for instance for emission-free and low-noise driving off at bus stops.

Environmentally friendly

The MAN Lion's City Hybrid is a model example of environmentally friendly driving in urban scheduled bus services. It consumes up to 30 percent less fuel and pollutes the atmosphere with significantly less CO2 emissions than comparable city buses with conventional drives. This is due to the innovative hybrid technology that combines the low consumption combustion engines with highly efficient electric motors. This MAN innovative concept is here: the MAN Lion's City has already received multiple awards, also including the German environmental prize "OekoGlobe 2011" in the category "Vehicle innovations in public transport".

Fuel saving

Red traffic lights, traffic jams and many bus stops – in urban traffic the diesel engine is a conventional bus runs at idle for up to 40 percent of the time. Thanks to MAN energy management though, the MAN Lion's City Hybrid consumes up to 30 percent less fuel. Because the intelligent automatic stop-start system automatically switches off the engine when the vehicle is at standstill, and therefore reduces the fuel consumption by up to 10,000 litres of diesel fuel per year - depending on the usage profile.


The modern hybrid technology in the MAN Lion's City Hybrid not only protects the environment, it also sustainable improves the quality of life in cities. The combination of conventional and electrical engines considerable reduces pollutants in the air and noise pollution when driving off at bus stops — arguments enough to convince increasing number of transport providers and major cities throughout Europe to count on the hybrid bus made by MAN in daily public transport.


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