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Greater driving safety: TyreManagement for buses from MAN covers the Tyre Pressure Monitoring TPM system and the RRK tyre repair kit with simultaneous elimination of the spare wheel.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPM)

Tyre Pressure Monitoring makes a system available to the driver that continuously monitors the tyre pressure of the (also during the journey) and issues a warning when the pressure drops below a minimum pressure:

  • TPM (Tyre Pressure Monitoring)
  • Pressure sensor on every wheel rim
  • Pressure signals are transmitted by radio to the control unit fixed on the frame and displayed over the vehicle CAN bus.
  • Automatic warnings when the set pressure drops below 20 percent and 40 percent
  • Manual pressure interrogation possible at all times

Tyre Repair Kit (RRK)

  • The tyre repair kit is used for sealing punctures in the tyre tread – without having to change the tyre:
  • PREMIUM SEAL tyre sealant is filled through the valve opening into the tyre and permanently seals a puncture sized up to five millimetres in the tyre tread – even for gradual loss of tyre pressure.
  • After it has been sealed, the tyre can be refilled with the compressed air set using the vehicle compressed air system.
  • It is possible to drive up to 1,000 km with the sealed tyre.


Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPM)

  • Improved convenience and time-saving for the driver through no need for a time-consuming inspection process
  • Greater safety: avoidance of 99 % of all punctures caused by gradual loss of tyre pressure
  • Accident avoidance always means reducing downtimes, safely bringing passengers to their destination and not endangering the health of the driver.
  • Reduction of fuel consumption through avoidance of insufficient tyre pressure
  • Longer tyre service life

Tyre Repair Kit (RRK)

  • Higher payload because there is no spare wheel (weight saving of around 100 kg)
  • Greater safety as a risky tyre change is not necessary, especially on motorways
  • Water-soluble sealing compound can be washed out during subsequent tyre repair

* Within the limits of the system.