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Middle East Delegations Express Interest in MAN products at IFAT ENTSORGA 2012 in Munich

Municipalities and entrepreneurs need reliable, economical vehicles for waste-disposal, road maintenance and cleaning: at MAN they will find the vehicles they need, adapted specifically for customer’s requirements and regional challenges.

Delegations from several Middle Eastern countries visited MAN at the IFAT ENTSORGA 2012, the world's leading fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management from May 7 through 11 in Munich, where the leading vehicle manufacturer presented a broad spectrum of its practically-oriented vehicle solutions targeting the waste-disposal sector, road and conduit cleaning and maintenance.

“We have witnessed a very encouraging response from several delegations from the Middle East that have visited IFAT with a view to sourcing vehicles that meet their logistical needs. There is a strong drive for civic improvement in countries across the region as well as modern and efficient means by which to achieve this. As a strong player in this category with a wide footprint across the Middle East and a well-established service network, we believe we are in a good position to serve the region,” said David van Graan, Head of MAN Center Middle East and Vice President Sales & Marketing.

One of the highlights at the MAN stand is the three-axle MAN TGM 26.290 6x2-4 BL with refuse-collection body with a particularly high payload. The TGM series starts at 12 tonnes gross vehicle weight. As a two-axle vehicle it goes up to 18 tonnes and with three axles, up to 26 tonnes. The all-wheel drive version provides local authorities with a practical vehicle for deployment all year round.

The MAN range of public-utility vehicles: TGL - TGM – TGS

MAN offers a comprehensive portfolio of products from 7.49 to 41 tonnes gross vehicle weight and thus a guarantee to municipality and entrepreneur alike that their tasks will be performed reliably and economically.

The MAN series - TGL, TGM and TGS - offer a wide range of vehicles suited to the most varied of tasks. Then there is also the TGS WW series, which is orientated particularly towards the operational conditions of global markets like the Middle East. The MAN CLA, which is produced in India, is sold on the Middle Eastern, African and Asian markets.

MAN in operation in the waste-disposal sector

An interesting concept designed to bring transport efficiency to waste disposal is the basis of the four-axle MAN TGS 35.360 8x2-6 BL on show. The waste container is bigger than that of a conventional three-axle truck - 30 instead of 25 m³ - enabling more work to be done in the collection area before this truck has to be driven to the waste disposal site. This enables the working day to be optimally utilised according to the relative lengths of the routes in the district for which the disposal service is responsible.

The rise of the megacities with their heavy traffic and diversely allocated traffic spaces explains the demand for compact, manoeuvrable refuse-collection vehicles. MAN has just the right vehicles in its light- and medium-duty TGL and TGM series. With its manoeuvrability and a body of up to nine cubic metres, the MAN TGL was built for narrow streets and old cities. The MAN TGM series has a selection of two- and three-axle vehicles capable of taking containers up to 22 m³ in size. The TGM 26-tonner can be configured with steered, liftable leading and trailing axles.

MAN in operation in the road-cleaning sector

The chassis of all the MAN series can be used to realise road sweepers of various sizes, with capacities from four to nine cubic metres. For the biggest market segment, the two-axle sweeper with a six cubic metre container for the sweepings, MAN offers the TGM with C cab and 15.5-tonne gross vehicle weight. Air suspension on the rear axle ensuring a constant ride height is advisable for this task. The right-hand drive version is mainly preferred in right-hand traffic to ensure that the driver has the best view of the edge of the road. The side window extending far down into the door and the large mirrors on both sides help him in his work.