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Haji Husein Alireza (HHA) Lays Foundation Stone for New MAN Workshop in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Total lot area encompasses 49,982 sq. meters of space, with 20,000 sq. meters allocated to the MAN workshop

Haji Husein Alireza & Co. Ltd. (HHA), the exclusive distributer of MAN in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, today laid the foundation stone of a new workshop, during a ground-breaking inaugural ceremony held in the presence of a special delegation from MAN Germany. The new workshop, which will be located at Abqiaq Road near Al Khobar, will occupy 20,000 sq. meters of the total lot area that expands over 49,982 sq. meters of space.

The new MAN facility offers an additional operational outlet for customers in Saudi Arabia and is aimed at enabling HHA to deliver the ‘best in class’ Sales Services, Parts and Operations and to provide a fully-equipped and enhanced facility in a convenient location. Both individual vehicle owners and operators of large vehicle fleets are set to benefit from HHA’s continued investment in the MAN brand with the availability of the full spectrum of services. The project is scheduled to start in the first week of April and is expected to be in operation in 2 years.

Speaking about the scope of services to be offered at the new workshop, Lars Essmann, Senior Vice President and Head of After Sales, MAN Truck Bus AG said, “The new workshop at Abqiaq Road, with its strategic location, is an initiative that is set to provide full-scale amenities in Sales, Parts and Operations – to accommodate the growing demands of the Kingdom and to enhance the overall service experience for all our clients. The launch of this new facility is a reflection of our longstanding partnership with the HHA, which has consistently striven to deliver high standards of services for its consumer-base.”

Sheikh Hassan Abulhassan, Vice Chairman of Haji Hussein Alireza Al Khobar and Eastern Province said, “HHA, in association with MAN, has always been committed at providing industry leading support and facilities for the MAN range of vehicles and the new facility at Abqaiq Road is set to offer the same level of services with added convenience. The opening of this eighth workshop sets our expansion plans in the right direction, with the consistent growth in the Saudi market in this sector - marked by the rising needs for commercial vehicles in the industry.”

HHA currently operates seven MAN workshops in Saudi Arabia and upon completion, the eighth workshop will occupy the same size as the recently developed projects in Jeddah and Riyadh. The new workshop holds the capacity for up to 16 buses or trucks at once and the service area is set to accommodate up to 37 buses or trucks. The facility will be administered by 45 staff members across different departments, including Sales, Parts and other related services.