MAN Lion’s City

The MAN Lion’s City

Benefits at a glance

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Economical
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable
  • Tailor-made


Flexible spatial miracles for the city

The low-floor city bus series, MAN Lion’s City, masters all the typical tasks thrown at urban scheduled-service transport: with its wide array of sophisticated, tried-and-tested variants, you benefit from vehicles to suit even the most diverse requirements.

The award of ’MAN Bus of the Year 2015’ is one impressive example of this. Its modular concept allows MAN to offer different bus models to cover every requirement in local public transport. Transport capacities, vehicle lengths and concepts (number of doors, interior design, low floor, low entry) and drive types can all be combined to provide a tailor-made solution. All models impress through their high levels of comfort, safety and sustainable economy.

The MAN Lion’s City Solobus offers three doors and an economical engine.

Three-way passenger flow

The MAN Lion’s City Solobus is efficient in every way: economical engines and an optimal passenger flow thanks to its three doors.

The MAN Lion’s City GL articulated bus with a spatial concept designed to maximise standing space

Making space is a thing of the past

The interior of the MAN Lion’s City GL articulated bus offers even more space for standing passengers.

As a bus train version, the MAN Lion’s City provides flexibility at peak times

Sometimes with, sometimes without

As a bus train variant, the MAN Lion’s City can quickly and flexibly adjust its seating capacity during peak times.

Your benefits at a glance

Environmentally friendly

The MAN Lion’s City bus series is a prime example of a sustainable scheduled bus service. The buses easily meet the Euro 6 emission standard and, in Germany, they also carry the ’Blue Angel’ eco label with the phrase ’protects the ENVIRONMENT and HEALTH’. All buses in the MAN Lion’s City model range consistently comply with the upper limits specified for the permissible noise level, and also meet the stringent emission and fine particulate values for populated areas – regardless of whether the vehicle has a diesel engine with CNG drive or it is powered by hybrid drive technology. In this way, MAN covers the full range of advanced, sustainable and CO2-efficient technologies for greater environmental friendliness and maximum profitability in regular, daily service.

All MAN Lion’s City scheduled-service buses have the latest generation of MAN diesel particulate filters on board. The MAN filter technology ensures long replacement intervals and does not require regeneration. Downtimes for regeneration of the diesel particulate filter at increased engine speed are therefore no longer necessary. This reduces harmful emissions and noise emissions, as well as fuel consumption. Thanks to the high vehicle availability, downtimes are minimised and costs are reduced.


The MAN Lion’s City buses also set new benchmarks when it comes to efficiency and economy. Thanks to the increased passenger capacities, and the clear reduction in fuel consumption, the city bus is even more cost efficient. Comprehensive optimisations in ease of maintenance lead to considerable reductions in Life Cycle Costs (LCC). This means that downtimes for the MAN Lion’s City could be significantly shortened, repair work reduced and maintenance intervals extended.

The segmented side walls made from fibre composite play an essential role in the profitability of the MAN Lion’s City buses*. The segments are easy to replace, extremely strong and save on weight. This reduces maintenance costs and fuel consumption.

The maintenance intervals for the city bus are based on actual usage and vehicle wear figures, which are available thanks to the MAN service interval data calculator**. This means the MAN Lion’s City is always ready for use.

*not available for the Lion’s City LE
**not available for Lion’s City Hybrid and vehicles with VDV instrumentation


MAN has the right city bus for every application, thanks to the wide range of low-floor Lion’s City models available: the Lion’s City M’s 10.50 m short solo bus model is the ideal solution for particularly narrow inner-city roads with a turning circle of just 18 m. In our classic bus, the MAN Lion’s City low-floor solo bus, a horizontally installed MAN D20 Common Rail engine is used. The Lion’s City G and Lion’s City GL standard articulated buses are also available from MAN. With an impressive length of 18.75 m, the Lion’s City GL can easily transport more than 160 people.

The two three-axle city buses in the range provide even more room for passengers and better manoeuvrability in relation to the vehicle length: the MAN Lion’s City L, 14.70 m, and the MAN Lion’s City C, which is just a metre shorter. Both models have an actively steered third axle.


All models in the low-floor bus series impress through their spacious interior design with its inviting atmosphere and high level of comfort: ergonomic seats ensure ample legroom, the new glass roof hatches pleasantly illuminate the interior, while in the articulated bus models translucent folding bellows provide more light. At night, the pleasant LED lighting provides a genuinely warm and welcoming atmosphere.


The MAN Lion’s City bus series offers tailor-made vehicles for scheduled bus services.

  • MAN Lion’s City (Solobus)
    The three-door Solobus is ideally equipped for quick and problem-free passenger turnover, with its especially energy-efficient engine.

  • MAN Lion’s City (bus train variant)
    Flexibility for any time of day is what sets this bus train variant apart: additional seating capacity can be attached quickly and easily during peak times.

  • MAN Lion’s City GL
    The four- or five-door articulated bus, with its spatial concept designed to optimise standing space, can carry even more passengers to their destination.

  • MAN Lion’s City GL LE
    The low entry articulated bus combines all the advantages of a low entry bus with particularly high seating capacity.
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