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Highly reliable and comfortabel city buses are the backbone of modern BRT systems.

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Outstanding technology, competent consulting, highly-qualified support.

Meeting the challenges of urban mobility.

Many cities are growing at a rapid pace. So rapidly, that their transport systems are hardly able to keep up. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems enable cities to optimise their transport infrastructures for local public transport relatively simply. The system was introduced in Latin American cities in the 1970’s and 80’s and is today on the road to success around the world, thanks to its low investment cost and high level of efficiency. BRT makes an important contribution to providing urban mobility to people of all social classes, to reducing private transport and to improving environmental protection still further.The backbone is formed by modern city buses with high passenger capacities and interiors whose layouts are optimised so that the flow of passengers is unobstructed.

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Transit solutions

MAN - your partner for BRT solutions

Outstanding technology, competent consulting, highly-qualified support - together with competent partners MAN covers all aspects needed for the successful planning and implementation of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for BRT. The Intelligent Transport System (ITS) approach utilises modern information and communication technologies to ease the pressure on roads and environment, to reduce costs and to provide people with the optimum in terms of safe, comfortable mobility. MAN and its partners have the expertise required to produce individual and efficient solutions – from the analysis to the planning to the construction and operation of BRT projects.

As a leading international manufacturer of commercial vehicles and innovative regular-service buses, MAN has the know-how needed to provide the solutions of the future and meet the requirements of transport companies, passengers and city administrations. On top of that there is MAN's recognised competence in providing individual vehicle solutions with the reliability that only a major manufacturer of large-scale series can offer.

In several Chinese cities BRT routes are serviced by buses made under licence from MAN / NEOPLAN. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in part on bus-only lanes, buses from MAN / NEOPLAN transport thousands of people smoothly and fast to their destinations every day.

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MAN buses - the perfect solution for BRT

The wide range of bus chassis and complete buses from MAN forms an excellent basis for any BRT system. Within the MAN Lion’s City range of regular-service buses MAN offers a broad spectrum of solo and articulated low-floor vehicles. In addition, floor assemblies in just about every possible length are also available. This means that whatever the demands, they will be met by the right vehicle concept in terms of capacity and drive. MAN’s regular-service buses meet all required environmental standards including EEV. This is achieved by the use of MAN PURE DIESEL® technology, without the need for any additives. The advantages: lower costs, less effort, more efficiency.

MAN city buses can also be operated on eco-friendly natural gas (CNG), or on biogas, which is even more protective of the climate. And getting environmental protection on the move there is the MAN Lion’s City Hybrid. This bus reduces fuel consumption and thus also CO2 emissions by as much as 30 percent. Plus, hybrid powering allows purely electric pulling away from stops – with no exhaust gases and no noise.

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MAN Brochure "The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) traffic concept."