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Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)*

Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)

The new emergency brake assist (EBA) generation increases the safety offered by MAN vehicles even further and considerably reduces the risk of traffic accidents. The newly-developed system combines information from radar sensors installed on the front end of the vehicle with data from the camera integrated in the windshield. Thanks to this sensor fusion, the system can detect dangerous situations even more quickly and securely, and initiate an emergency braking in case of serious danger sooner.

In case of an emergency braking, the ESS (Emergency Stopping Signal) emergency brake signal is also activated besides the brake lights – the hazard warning system operates at an increased flashing frequency to notify traffic participants of the emergency, thus reducing the risk of a rear-end collision.

The emergency brake assist system with sensor fusion comes standard on all MAN vehicles subject to mandatory specification requirements for new vehicles effective from November 2015. The technology already complies with stricter EU requirements applicable from November 2018. This way, MAN’s customers can benefit from a future-fit system with a high value stability even today.

* Within the limits of the system.