Technology & Competence

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)*

Safety and ease of use

Speed is often underestimated and the distance to the vehicle in front is easily overestimated. The ACC system is able to automatically adjust the driving speed, as well as the distance to the vehicle ahead, in line with the preset settings.

It can be used from a speed of 25 km/h onwards. Its main field of application, however, is in driving on main roads and motorways.

The ACC radar sensor with a range of approx. 150 m recognises the distance to and the relative speed of the vehicles ahead in the same lane. The ACC control unit calculates the best approach strategy from the sensor data, the course of the lane, the speed of its own vehicle and the actions of the driver, and triggers the engine torque and brake management system (retarder and service brake) accordingly. Speed, acceleration and retardation of the vehicle are actively regulated, thus maintaining the distance to the vehicle ahead.

* Within the limits of the system.