MAN Lion's City CNG

MAN Lion´s City CNG

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Natural gas future: CNG buses made by MAN

Reduce exhaust gas emissions, conserve resources, ensure mobility: MAN builds on natural gas.

The supply of crude oil is becoming scarcer and faces large global conventional and unconventional reserves of natural gas. The growing price differential between the two energy sources makes natural gas the fastest growing alternative form of drive to diesel and petrol.
Its expertise developed over the years has made MAN Europe's market leader for natural gas buses, natural gas engines and bus chassis with natural gas engines.

Our portfolio: Complete buses, chassis, engines

The CNG portfolio offered by MAN provides you with the ideal solution for every requirement in the city bus segment. The CNG drive can be selected as an alternative for nearly all models in the MAN Lion's City series – from the 12-metre long solo bus right up to the 18.75-metre long articulated bus. With an overall height of approximately 3,300 mm, MAN Lion's City CNG buses are the lowest natural gas buses on the market. The city bus chassis with CNG drive are designed for 12-metre low-floor and low-entry vehicles as well as for low-floor articulated buses up to 18.75 metres. The heart of the Lion's City CNG is the E2876 LUH horizontal natural gas engine. The engine is available in two power ratings (228 kW/310 HP and 200kW/272 HP).

Bus of the Year 2015

Bus of the Year 2015

The MAN Lion's City GL CNG city bus has been acclaimed as "Bus of the Year 2015".

 Economic and environmentally friendly

Economic and environmentally friendly

In addition to higher environmental friendliness through lower emissions, CNG city buses made by MAN are also an economically attractive alternative.

CNG storage system

Gas system

The gas pressure tanks are housed under an aerodynamic hood on the roof of the MAN Lion's City CNG.

Your benefits at a glance

Diesel and gas price trend
Source: erdgas mobil GmbH / Bundesverband Güterkraftverkehr Logistik und Entsorgung (BGL) e.V.

The difference between the price of diesel and natural gas is growing worldwide

The increasing scarcity of the crude oil supplies and the resulting price trend is also turning global gas reserves into an important alternative energy in economic terms.

Europe's market leader for natural gas buses
MAN CNG buses are operated worldwide

MAN is the market leader in Europe

In Europe MAN is the market and technology leader for natural gas buses. As the manufacturer of MAN complete buses, chassis and engines, we have decades of expertise in this growing market.

MAN CNG bus with biogas in Sweden

MAN CNG buses with biogas nearly CO2-neutral

The use of processed biogas in MAN CNG technology is a largely CO2-neutral production technology par excellence. For instance, it allows around 1,000 MAN CNG buses powered by biogas to be operated successfully in 23 cities in Sweden - and with extreme reliability: Each bus is driven a distance up to 1.5 million kilometres.

MAN Lion's City CNG city bus

Step on the gas for the environment

MAN is rising to the challenge of sustainably reducing exhaust gas emissions in cities. The performance figures of MAN natural gas engines satisfy the requirements of modern urban traffic. Long service intervals, easy servicing and lower fuel costs pay off for you.

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