Redefining the meaning of technology: The new MAN Lion’s City

Bus stop in Chicago

Developed with customers, for customers.

The new generation of the MAN Lion’s City introduces a completely new design of city bus to the urban environment, based on its tried and tested predecessors from MAN. During the development of the completely redesigned driver’s workplace, we worked hand-in-hand with our customers.

MAN development.

In order to deliver future-proof vehicles in MAN quality, we take our time during development.

7years of development

The new MAN Lion's City is the result of seven years of development. This may sound like a lot, but not when it comes to developing the perfect city bus. Overall, we passed quite a few milestones during development.

18 prototypes, five constant runners, eight field test vehicles and 20 launch vehicles were built throughout the development process. All that to ensure that you can enjoy tried and tested MAN quality and many years of driving pleasure.

Long-standing experience that pays off

MAN has been active in the city bus sector for many years and uses its long-standing experience to develop top quality and innovative vehicles. The new MAN Lion’s City is the perfect example of this, especially when it comes to the modular structure and range of available models. We can offer the perfect concept and vehicle configuration for every application and requirement.

Tested and proven door system from MAN

1million test cycles

Top quality through quantity

The new MAN Lion’s City comes with a new door system, specially developed by MAN. Various tests, including temperature level tests and corrosion tests of individual components and road tests in Spain, Sweden and Austria, provided helpful insights to support the development process.

MAN EfficientHybrid (automatic start-stop system)

Improved efficiency and environmental protection in scheduled bus services: with the smart energy management of the MAN EfficientHybrid optional equipment, your MAN Lion’s City brings in triple savings – on fuel, exhaust emissions, and noise emissions.

The advantages of MAN EfficientHybrid

With MAN EfficientHybrid, your MAN Lion’s city benefits from smart energy management. The main component is a robust and wear-free electric motor which is installed in the driveline between the engine and the gearbox and serves as a crankshaft starter alternator. Thanks to this alternator, combined with a roof-mounted UltraCap energy accumulator and a smart control system, your vehicle’s energy efficiency increases substantially. By the way: MAN city buses with EfficientHybrid are officially registered as hybrid buses.

MAN Lion’s City with EfficientHybrid module

Brake energy recuperation

Each braking process is a win for your Man Lion’s City with EfficientHybrid. This is effected by the crankshaft starter alternator, which immediately converts the generated recuperation energy into electrical energy.

Stops with zero exhaust emissions and noise emissions

The stop-start function switches off the diesel engine of your MAN Lion's City at each station and red light, giving your passengers a first-hand experience of the hybrid technology. Fuel consumption and the corresponding exhaust emissions and noise emissions drop to zero. The smart energy management system uses the free energy stored in the UltraCap module to supply the vehicle electrical system.

Fuel- and emission-optimised driving

Since the stored electricity is also used whilst driving, the diesel engine has to produce less energy. This means even less fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

Durable and maintenance free system

Our MAN EfficientHybrid energy technology is durable and designed to be maintenance free: the crankshaft starter alternator works without current collector brushes and mechanical intervention. The UltraCap energy accumulator has an extremely long service life. It can manage up to 2.6 million stop-start cycles for your Man Lion’s City with EfficientHybrid with ease.

System components and operating principle

The crankshaft starter alternator
The crankshaft starter alternator attached to the engine flywheel housing in the MAN EfficientHybrid system assumes two functions: When the vehicle slows down or brakes, it acts as an alternator: It uses the generated mechanical energy to create electricity (recuperation). When driving off, on the other hand, the crankshaft starter alternator assumes the role of an electric starter: it converts the previously gathered electrical energy back into kinetic energy.

UltraCap energy accumulator
The 48 volt UltraCap energy accumulator is made up of multiple individual cells with high-performance capacitors. In contrast to conventional batteries, the electrical energy is here stored in purely electrostatic form and without involving any chemical processes. The capacitors can accumulate and release large amounts of electricity at particularly high speed. Plus, they are lighter and more compact than conventional rechargeable batteries.

Smart energy management
The MAN EfficientHybrid technology always uses the stored energy such that your vehicle can realise a maximum savings potential in terms of fuel and emissions. To achieve this, the self-learning energy management system automatically prioritises how the energy is distributed: the highest priority is given to the system which supplies the vehicle electrical system during stop time. If sufficient amounts of energy are stored in the UltraCap module, the system also supplies power to the vehicle electrical system while driving and supports the diesel engine with electric drive output.

The MAN Lion’s City with EfficientHybrid on the go

The driving cycle of the MAN Lion’s City with EfficientHybrid module

When the vehicle slows down before coming to a halt at a red light or the next station, the crankshaft starter alternator converts the generated brake energy into electrical energy (1). The electricity gathered in this process is then safely stored in the high-performance capacitors of the UltraCap module.

While the vehicle is at standstill, the MAN EfficientHybrid system turns off the combustion engine (2). At the same time, the UltraCap accumulator takes over the supply of the vehicle electrical system. All functions, such as opening and closing of the doors, operation of the interior lighting and the ventilation are now supplied with power by the accumulator.

Once driving off again, the crankshaft starter alternator uses the available energy from the UltraCap capacitors to start the combustion engine.

If sufficient energy is available in the UltraCap module, the EfficientHybrid system also supplies the vehicle electrical system with power while driving (3). In addition, the crankshaft starter alternator can use excess stored energy to act as an additional hybrid drive and thereby take some of the load off the combustion engine.

The MAN EfficientHybrid system – technical data

Storage capacity of the UltraCap energy accumulator 40 Wh
Crankshaft starter alternator (CSA)
or integrated starter alternator (ISA)
Three-phase reluctance machine
Cooling system Air cooling
Max. output 12 kW
Max. torque 220 Nm
Additional weight 170 kg
Registration as hybrid vehicle Yes
Stop-start function Yes
Supply of the vehicle electrical system Yes
Support for the combustion engine Yes

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