The new MAN Lion’s City.

The perfect city bus: The new MAN Lion’s City

The perfect city bus.

An all-round attractive package with maximum efficiency.

The new MAN Lion’s City was developed hand in hand with our customers and offers maximum economic efficiency as well as an all-round attractive package thanks to its numerous innovations inside and out: The newly developed city bus comes in a fresh design which not only gives it an attractive appearance but is also state-of-the-art in terms of economy, engine technology, driver’s workplace and safety.

Four compelling reasons for choosing the new MAN Lion’s City

Perfect scheduling

Lower costs – more WOW! – more comfort

Efficient and economical

Economic efficiency

Thanks to its numerous innovations inside and out, the MAN Lion’s City offers maximum economic efficiency and an all-round attractive package.

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The new MAN Lion’s City is all about technical innovations


Perfection inside and out! The new MAN Lion’s City is packed with technical innovations.

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Ergonomic and comfortable, for drivers as well as passengers

Driving comfort

In terms of driving comfort, the new MAN Lion’s City offers complete satisfaction. The ergonomic driver’s workplace and spacious passenger compartment provide a comfortable and pleasant driving experience.

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Modern design and a distinctive look


The appearance of the new MAN Lion’s City will certainly not go unnoticed in the city streets. Its modern and distinctive design make it a real eye-catcher.

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MAN EfficientHybrid for your MAN Lion’s City

MAN EfficientHybrid

The efficiency booster for scheduled bus services: With MAN EfficientHybrid, your MAN Lion’s city earns triple savings: on fuel consumption, exhaust emissions, and noise emissions.

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Perfect innovations

The new generation is packed with technical innovations and a modern design concept.

Bodyshell structure of the new MAN Lion’s City city bus

Bodyshell structure

Thanks to a new bodyshell structure concept, the new MAN Lion’s City is much lighter than its predecessor. The sandwich construction and the change-over to an aluminium roof framework as well as side walls made from highly rigid steel and aluminium make this possible.

The new MAN Lion’s City city bus with segmented side walls

Side walls

Glass and panelled surfaces dominate the side wall concept in the new MAN Lion’s City. The glass surfaces have a modern appearance, achieved by their three different segments – driver’s window, passenger window and side walls – and they are easy to maintain.

The new MAN Lion’s City city bus with LED headlights

LED headlights

The full LED headlights not only look good. They also make scheduled urban transport safer, have a long service life of up to 10,000 operating hours, and yet manage to maintain low power consumption.

Specially developed door system in the new MAN Lion’s City city bus

Door system

The door system in the new MAN Lion’s City has been specially developed by MAN. The components have been put through numerous studies and tests and proven to be exceptionally reliable in operation and easy to maintain.

Developed with the customer: The new driver’s workplace in the MAN Lion’s City city bus

Driver’s workplace

The conceptualisation of the entirely new driver’s workplace makes it apparent that we have developed the new MAN Lion’s City together with our customers.

The increased knee room, reworking of the seat arrangement and a range of ergonomic improvements make the new Lion’s City the perfect workplace in scheduled transport.

Improved seats and hand rails in the new MAN city bus

Seats & hand rails

Seats and hand rails have been fundamentally improved in the new MAN Lion’s City. The seats offer a broad selection of upholsteries and covers, they can be folded, and they are flexible in terms of their arrangement, maintenance and cleaning.

The hand rails also blend perfectly into the passenger compartment and have been skilfully expedited with respect to material selection, ergonomics and attachment.

Safety and comfort in the passenger compartment: dimmable, indirect LED ambient lighting

LED ambient lighting

The indirect LED ambient lighting in the passenger compartment completely illuminates the ceiling, is dimmable and comes directly from above, just as natural light does. This gives passengers a feeling of safety and comfort.

The new D15 engine in the MAN Lion’s City

New D15 engine

The engine concept in the new MAN Lion’s City is straightforward but auspicious: One engine variant for all city buses and one exhaust gas aftertreatment system. With 9 litres, the powerful D15 engine has the perfect cylinder capacity and a strong power output range from 280 to 360 PS.

Intelligent energy management system: MAN EfficientHybrid automatic start-stop system

MAN EfficientHybrid
(automatic start-stop system)

Optional equipment MAN EfficientHybrid, the intelligent energy management system:
the robust and wear-free electric motor sits between the engine and the transmission.

The crankshaft start alternator operates when coasting or braking, thus improving efficiency and driving comfort.

Independent wheel movement thanks to independent suspension in the new MAN Lion’s City city bus

Independent suspension

The new MAN Lion’s City is the first city bus from MAN to have independent suspension, which permits almost independent wheel movement for each side of the vehicle and thus ensures optimum manoeuvrability.

Electronically controlled air processing in the MAN city bus

Air Management System

Another brand new feature is the electronically controlled air processing, which provides more efficient operation of the compressed air system. The Air Management System allows efficient supply of all compressed air consumers with cleaned and dried compressed air.

Are you curious to see what the exterior and interior of your MAN Lion’s City could look like? Now you can design your city bus the way you want it!

To the MAN Bus Designer

The new models at a glance

MAN Lion's City 12

MAN Lion's City 12

Length variant: 12,2 Metres
Seats: 37
Engine: D1556 LOH Euro 6

Technical datasheet
MAN Lion's City 18

MAN Lion's City 18

Length variant: 18,1 Metres
Seats: 49
Engine: D1556 LOH Euro 6

Technical datasheet
The MAN Lion’s City until 2017

The proven MAN Lion’s City

Only thanks to it proven predecessor was it possible to create the new Lion’s City.

All information about the proven MAN Lion’s City

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