MAN Lion's Regio

MAN Lion's Regio engine

Efficient drive for all routes

To ensure the MAN Lion's Regio makes quick headway over every route, dynamic drive technology regulates constant outputs throughout. The horizontally installed common rail engines and the choice of four transmission models are perfectly matched to each other. High-torque diesel-engines with six cylinders, 10.5 litres displacement and 235 kW (320 HP) or 265 kW (360 HP) deliver high driving dynamics. A smooth power transmission is assured by the six-speed transmission or twelve-speed MAN TipMatic®, that can be operated fully automatically or also manually by touch-action lever. An automatic transmission (four or six speed) is available as an option.

MAN Lion's Regio – engine overview

The high-torque six-cylinder-engines with 10.5 litres displacement flex their muscles according to the topography and route. The spectrum ranges from the entry-level engine with 235 kW (320 HP) right up to 265 kW (360 HP) as strong as a lion. We have compared the differences for the engines here:

  Lion's Regio Lion's Regio C Lion's Regio L
Euro 6 engine      
Output 320 HP, 360 HP 320 HP, 360 HP 320 HP, 360 HP
Displacement 10,500 cm³ 10,500 cm³ 10,500 cm³
Max. torque 1,600 Nm, 1,800 Nm 1,800 Nm 1,800 Nm
Type and configuration 6-cylinder in-line diesel engine common rail 6-cylinder in-line diesel engine common rail 6-cylinder in-line diesel engine common rail

Remains master of the situation at all times

The powertrain of the MAN Lion's Regio is perfectly matched for even long-distance driving with a demanding topography. To convert power optimally into dynamics, it has a six-speed manual transmission as well as the MAN TipMatic® automated 12-speed manual transmission. In addition, the intercity coach can be equipped with a choice of automatic transmission (four or six speed) with integrated shift program.

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Rugged and reliable chassis

As standard, the MAN Lion's Regio is fitted with independent suspension as front axle. Equipped with an anti-roll bar and disc brakes, safety is increased even more. A MAN hypoid axle with disc brakes is used as standard as the driven axle in the Lion's Regio. Furthermore, a five-stage retarder is integrated in the transmission as an additional brake.

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Technology you can trust: MAN systems ensure safer and more efficient driving

MAN assistance systems

At the ready when you need them. Always. MAN safety and driver assistance systems are with you every step of the way, providing the safety and comfort that helps you get your passengers to their destination.

Systems available for the MAN Lion’s Regio:

Multifunction steering wheel

Adaptive cruise control

Electronic stability program (ESP)

Lane guard system (LGS)

Electronic braking system (EBS)

MAN BrakeMatic®


Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)