MAN Lion's City CNG

MAN Lion's City CNG city bus

Economy of the MAN Lion's City CNG buses

The higher purchase price of a MAN bus operated with gas is compensated for by the lower operating costs. Savings in Life Cycle Costs (LCC) of around 15% over a period of 10 years and a distance driven of 60,000 km per year can be expected due to the lower fuel costs. In addition to higher environmental friendliness through lower emissions, CNG city buses made by MAN are therefore also an economically attractive alternative.

Diesel v. CNG comparison of costs

The purchase price of a Lion's City powered by natural gas lies only slightly above that of a Lion's City with a diesel engine (+18%).

For technological reasons, service costs for CNG buses lie slightly above the costs for diesel buses (+8%).

Fuel costs for natural gas are much lower than those for diesel (-40%).

A Lion's City operated with natural gas saves around 15 percent in life cycle costs due to the much lower fuel costs, compared to a diesel bus in the same model series.